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Need help and get help on fragrance formulation development

Re: Please ask questions Please help the team to take a look.

Postby lalida.spp » Mon Aug 01, 2022 10:48 am

Hello, please allow me to repost because the system has a problem in the previous post. I want to make Alcohol-free Pillow mist with water base + <a target=”_blank” href=''>Witch Hazel</a> . The fragrance used is from <a target=”_blank” href=''>Essential Oil</a> s and terpenes. I have the following questions: 1. <a target=”_blank” href=''>Linalool</a> , Myrcene, <a target=”_blank” href=''>Geraniol</a> and <a target=”_blank” href=''>Limonene</a> are all natural terpenes? if not all Which one do you have? Can it be mixed in <a target=”_blank” href=''>perfume</a> ingredients and can it give every aromatherapy properties? (Understand that such terpenes are in cannabis (It's sedative, so I want to use these terpenes in a pillow mist to help me fall asleep easily.) 2. How to use <a target=”_blank” href=''>Linalool</a> , Myrcene, <a target=”_blank” href=''>Geraniol</a> and <a target=”_blank” href=''>Limonene</a> . Can I mix it into <a target=”_blank” href=''>Essential Oil</a> s? Then mix it with the bass? 3. What should be the proportion of terpenes per <a target=”_blank” href=''>Essential oil</a> ? or depending on what level of concentration you want Are there any precautions? 4. In order to mix water, <a target=”_blank” href=''>Witch Hazel</a> and <a target=”_blank” href=''>perfume</a> , is there any solvent you recommend? I need it without warming for the ingredients to mix together because I'm afraid the <a target=”_blank” href=''>perfume</a> and terpenes will wear out. If it's a model that doesn't use a lot of proportions, it's very good. (What proportion should be?) 5. Is there a recommended ratio between water and <a target=”_blank” href=''>Witch Hazel</a> ? 6. For <a target=”_blank” href=''>preservatives,</a> is <a target=”_blank” href=''>Mild Preserved Eco™</a> enough? because I want to claim that it is <a target=”_blank” href=''>Preservative-Free</a> . 7. For calculating the expiration date. How to do this? or Myskinrecipes Can you calculate it? 8. I want the shelf life of the product to be around 2 years. Is it possible to look at the ingredients used? 9. Are these ingredients safe for pregnant women? Please advice on warning labels. Should this be included on the label for allergies in the solution or just the ingredients to be clear enough? 10. Is there <a target=”_blank” href=''>any flavor fixing agent</a> that you recommend? Looking at the table of <a target=”_blank” href=''>FloraFix</a> , I don't really understand much. Can I use <a target=”_blank” href=''>FloraFix</a> for such ingredients? What proportions should be? Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: Please ask questions Please help the team to take a look.

Postby staff » Sat Oct 22, 2022 1:55 pm


1. It depends on that natural extraction or synthesis The cost is cheaper, the manufacturer will choose a cheaper method because it has the same chemical. whether from nature or from synthetic no matter where will always work the same

2. Dissolve oil. Can be mixed with perfume or essential oil at all.

3. These various terpenes There are more or less proportions depending on each Essential Oil , but usually found in Essential Oil , so there may be no need to add more. or additional Will make the smell distorted (from natural Essential Oil becomes a different smell from nature)

4. Flora Solve Clear

5. No

6. Enough

7. The word expiration is a complicated matter. and must consider many aspects

8. If the Essential Oil is 2 years old at room temperature, Thailand is difficult to do because it will deteriorate quickly. when exposed to heat or sunlight

9. These ingredients can not penetrate through the skin into the blood vessels Therefore, it does not have any effect on the unborn child.

10. This type of formula can be used with Flora Fix .

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