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Ask about the use of Enzyme Mouthwash (Propolinse).

Postby kornkanok_s1 » Wed Jan 18, 2023 3:28 pm

Ask about the use of Enzyme Mouthwash (eq Propolinse, 1:4 Concentrate).

Is the % used in the formula necessary to be 20% as recommended?

Are there any substances that are forbidden to be added to the formula? will not cause brown stains after gargle?

Or do you have any advice on how to use it? Try putting it in a general mouthwash formula and it won't cause brown stains after spitting.

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Re: Question about using Enzyme Mouthwash (Propolinse)

Postby staff » Thu Feb 09, 2023 4:58 pm


Enzyme Mouthwash (eq Propolinse, 1:4 Concentrate) to be diluted in water. At the specified rate, you can use it. Not suitable for mixing with other mouthwashes.

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