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Please ask for advice on sun protection formulas.

Hello, please check the recipe for me.

Purpose: Sunscreen SPF 30, focused on replenishing during the day. For sensitive skin

Zinc Oxide 200nm EasyDisperse™ = 12%

Glycerin = 10%

Chamomile Water (Anthemis Nobilis) = 10%

Butyl Octyl Salicylate = 10%

Kaolin = 5%

Butylene Glycol = 3%

Light Lotion Maker = 2%

Mild Preserved Eco ™ ( Preservative-Free ) = 1%

Xanthan Gum = 0.20%

Tocopheryl Acetate = 0.01%

The rest is water and soothing ingredients dissolved in water.


1. Suitable for use as a spray. Is it for sensitive skin?

2. Are the proportions of sunscreen, solvent, and binder good?

3. Butyl Octyl Salicylate Is it really necessary if the purpose is just to top up during the day?

4. Is Chamomile Water (Anthemis Nobilis) enough to mask the smell of sunscreen?

5. Is Kaolin enough to help prevent the skin from being greasy? or can be cut out

thank you very much

by tc_special
Mon Nov 20, 2023 4:57 pm
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Topic: Please ask for advice on sun protection formulas.
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