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car perfume

Car perfume with a wooden cap. If you don't use Alcohol, what other solvent can you use that will make the whole car smell good? And it evaporates slowly and can last for 1-2 months.

- Use Alcohol, fragrant essential perfume. But it evaporates very quickly. The hotter the weather, the more it takes about 2 weeks to completely disappear.

- Use as DI Water. The perfume doesn't evaporate much or you can only smell the scent from the wooden cap. Doesn't smell good or sometimes doesn't smell at all

- Make it an oil. I'm not sure if it has to be an oil that isn't too viscous or not so it can absorb the wooden cork cover well. And will the oil help the smell spread as much as alcohol?
(I've made the Oil recipe in a reed diffuser with fragrant reeds, but it doesn't have a faint fragrance. Sometimes it doesn't smell at all.)

by wongyaiparn
Sun Jul 07, 2024 4:39 pm
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Topic: car perfume
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