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Advice Flora Solve Clear

Feel free to ask for advice. Now try to mix Rose Essential Oil with water using Flora Solve Clear in the recommended ratio (2-5 Flora Solve Clear : 1 Essential Oil , but when you try to mix it and pour it into the water. It turned into a gel in the water.

Please ask me how to fix it.

If using the correct mix ratio Will it be able to dissolve in water clearly or not? Or how long do you have to wait to be clear?

thank you

Please help advise, I'm trying to dissolve Rose Essential Oil into water using Flora Solve Clear , using the suggested ratio of 2-5 parts Flora Solve Clear : 1 part Essential Oil .

I've tried different combinations (2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1), and the mixture of Flora Solve Clear and Essential Oil , once stirred into water, formed gel lumps and will not mix.

If I use the correct ratio, will the mixture dissolve completely in water, leaving clear water as result? or will there be particles visible in the water?

Please help suggest how to fix the issue. Thank you!

by nukjari
Thu Mar 23, 2023 2:48 pm
Forum: Cosmetics Products Analysis
Topic: Re: Advice Flora Solve Clear
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Recommendation on Liquid Germall Plus or other preservatives

I'm trying to formulate facial mist/spray using hydrosol. For preservatives, if it's not Liquid Germall Plus, can you please help recommend other broad spectrum + water soluble preservative that would be good with hydrosol?

Thank you so much!

by nukjari
Thu Mar 09, 2023 10:35 am
Forum: Cosmetics Formulation Development
Topic: Re: Advice on Liquid Germall Plus or other preservatives
Replies: 1
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