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Bisoctrizole กับ กันแแดดแบบเนื้อบาล์ม

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Bisoctrizole with balm sunscreen

Postby smudhja.ns » Sun Aug 07, 2022 9:30 pm

If you want to make a sunscreen balm with Bisoctrizole in the formula, will you need a binder (such as WaterBalm)?

Recipe example

Touch-up Sun Balm SPF30 PA++++

(calculating sun protection by website )

% Ingredients

2.5 BEMT


7 Bisoctrizole

20 Synthetic Beeswax

2 Polyethylene wax (Hard)

34 Silicone and fine touch powder

0.05 Protec OX

0.2 Perfume

LipidSoft Rest

thank you

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Re: Bisoctrizole and Balm Sunscreen

Postby staff » Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:18 pm


The presence of a wide variety of oils and waxes in the formula Usually this requires the use of a coordinating aid. That combines oil well together, such as Oil Blender , but in this case of the member, there is Bisoctrizole , which must be distributed in the water as well. Using WaterBalm will help to harmonize, but reduce Beeswax a bit (replace some parts with WaterBalm) because WaterBalm. It has the appearance of a wax that thickens the formula as well.

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