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How many types of B vitamins are there? Is the oral form and the injection form the same one?

Postby moo741018 » Tue May 24, 2022 8:53 pm

How many types of B vitamins are there, oral, topical, injectable, is it the same? How many types of B vitamins are there and there are different types? Name them. All 8 types of topical vitamins? May I ask for the name of the vitamin B complex? 1 (Vitamin B1) Thiamine Vitamin B2 (Vitamin B2) Name Riboflavin or Vitamin G วิตามินบี3 ( Vitamin B3 ) g Niacin Vitamins บี5 ( Vitamin B5 ) Scientific name Pantothenate or Pantothenic acid technical) Vitamin B6 ( Vitamin B6 ) Scientific name Pyridoxine Vitamin B7 (Vitamin B7) Scientific name Biotin or Vitamin H, Vitamin B9 (Vitamin B9), scientific name Folate or Folic acid (Foric acid), Vitamin B12 ( Vitamin B12 ) Scientific name Cobalamin or Cyanocobalamin
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