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Postby cpn4164 » Mon Oct 02, 2023 3:48 pm

Now I have bought these 9 ingredients. I would like to ask about the mixing of raw materials.


1. Astragalus (Ngkee Pakkee Huangqi) Extract (90% Polysaccharide)

2. Jujube Extract, extract from Chinese jujube

3. Pine Bark Extract ( Proanthocyanidins 85%) extract from pine trees

4. Red Bean Powder

5. Mung Bean Powder

6. White Kidney Bean Powder (Cooked, Ultra-Fine) White kidney bean powder, cooked, ultra-fine.

7. Black Bean Powder Black bean powder

8. Almond Flour almond powder

9. Coix Seed Powder

Can I mix and drink with room temperature water?

Are there any beans? Eating a lot will make your stomach bloated.

thank you

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