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Is Cedarwood essential oil as pure as cold-pressed oil?

Postby saturn2539 » Sun Apr 21, 2024 8:49 pm

Interested in Cedarwood Essential Oil to nourish the skin? Because I went to find information on many foreign websites. The properties are quite good on the skin.


-Want to mix it with lotion that is regularly used to nourish the skin. Can it be done? (I will mix only 1-2 drops)

- Grade that the company sells Whether it is cedarwood virginia/atlas/texas Purely pure, every drop is extracted from the cedarwood tree, right? If compared to cold-pressed oil (unrefined/cold-pressed) because I have searched for information from many sources. I have seen that there is a pure, medical grade version that has been used and has shown results on the skin or treatment. And there are synthetic versions that imitate the scent and make it look like genuine essential oils (which may not be suitable for use with human skin). It's almost no different from putting perfume on the skin or something like that, so I'm worried.)

-Is there any additional product that extracts every drop 100%? You can recommend me. I will buy more. Because only some of them are said to have synthesized scents. Other than that, it's not clearly specified at all. Which one is medical grade or synthetic?

Thank you in advance -^-

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