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About applying perfume to various products

Postby comdragon » Fri Feb 16, 2024 12:25 am

This is because there is still no understanding of how perfume can be used in various products. Therefore, I would like to ask as follows.

1. Mixing different perfume essences together to create a new scent. or a specific smell Can it be mixed right away or must I use a binder?
2. Mixing perfume with ethyl alcohol is only used in formulas that require diffusion, right?
3. Can mix perfume + any scent fixing agent. Prepare it as a raw material for water to use in any cosmetics. Can it be done? Is it recommended or not?

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Re: About using perfume with various products

Postby pattanunsupawarawat » Thu Feb 29, 2024 12:23 am

1. No. Mixing ready-made perfume essences will make the scent messy. But you can make it yourself by using fragrant substances, for example to make jasmine scent. If it's simple, it's Benzyl acetate (smells like banana) + Linalool (found in jasmine, lavender, various flowers, including fruits) + hedione + indole (found in feces. The scent that gives depth in jasmine) and then come to a good balance. Now you have the scent of jasmine and can continue with other scents. You can use both Essential Oil and fragrance together.

2. Ethyl Alcohol is a solvent used to disperse perfume scents and also dissolves various raw materials well. But if you don't use alcohol, you can use oil or base oil, but you must use another solvent to dissolve the raw materials first.

3. Some substances can be used, but there are substances that have restricted amounts of use. This is because it may cause allergic reactions or side effects when applied to the body. I have no knowledge in this field. You must study that cosmetics.

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