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สอบถาม ANR Serum Base (Compare to Estee)

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Inquire about ANR Serum Base (Compare to Estee)

Postby hydronium_ion3 » Sat Mar 16, 2024 9:40 am

Inquire about ANR Serum Base (Compare to Estee)

I would like to know what the ANR Serum Base (Compare to Estee) that Myskin has just developed for sale is. Is it the same as ANR Estee? Do I have to add other active ingredients to the mix? (For personal use, not made for sale) or It's just a cream base with a texture similar to Estee but without the active ingredients.

Because the product page doesn't show the ingredients, I'm quite confused as to what they are.

thank you

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Re: Inquiry about ANR Serum Base (Compare to Estee)

Postby staff » Sun Apr 21, 2024 5:14 am


Sorry for the inconvenience.

At present, element information has been entered already.

The product is a base. There are no active ingredients yet, so it is necessary to add active ingredients to achieve the same efficiency as the original product.

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