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Need help and get help on dietary supplement formulation development

weight loss supplement recipes

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I want weight loss supplements that gives results in controlling hunger, losing weight and seeing results quickly Is there a substance or recipe to recommend?
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Re: diet supplements for weight loss

Postby staff » Sat Jun 03, 2023 9:49 am


weight loss supplement Divided into main groups as follows

Meal Replacement is a meal replacement group. To reduce eating regular food, which is often starchy.

Fat Burning, Metabolism is a group that helps speed up the process of burning energy.

Starch / Sugar Block is a group that helps reduce starch absorption. (carbohydrates) into the body

Reduce Hunger is a group to reduce hunger.

Healthy Digestion is a group that helps improve the efficiency of digestion.

Fat Absorption is a group that helps reduce the absorption of fat into the body. (helps block fat)

First, we select according to the desired function group above.

Then consider according to the nature of use of each ingredient. whether it can co-exist with the food you are developing or not, for example, if it is a dietary supplement that is brewed The selected ingredients must be in powder form that can be easily dissolved or dispersed in water.

In the case of dietary supplements in the form of capsules It must be a powder that flows easily so that capsules can be filled easily.

In the case of liquid or oily raw materials It may need to be developed as a supplement in other forms, for example, if it is an oil. must be packed in soft gel

The final step is to add aroma/taste to the supplement to make it appetizing.

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