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Ask about how to add extracts to Absolue Soft Cream Base.

Postby nopsarun » Fri Nov 17, 2023 3:10 pm

Hello, because I would like to order 1 kg. of Absolue Soft Cream Base . I use 100% of this base to nourish my skin in the morning before putting on makeup.

According to the product page, add

1. Panthenol ( Pro Vitamin B5 , DL- Panthenol , Powder) 1%

Asked.. is it okay to sprinkle it in the cream? Or do I have to mix it with water first?

2. Capryloyl Salicylic Acid (LHA) Powder 1%

I'm asking: Can this item be sprinkled on the base cream? Because the cream base already has oil. ..Will this substance dissolve?

If in the case that it does not dissolve What must I do? .. Do I have to heat the cream base first? And to what degree must it be heated so that the important substances in the base cream will still have the same effectiveness as before from the manufacturer?

3. Pure-Adenosine ™ 0.5%

This item can be spread in the cream that was finished from points 1 and 2, right? .. If not, what should I do?

4. If all questions asked from questions 1-3 are missing additional substances required for mixing Please give me the name of the substance and % of use + how to make it.

You will be able to purchase them all at once.

5.Also .. cream when finished mixing according to the instructions. After applying it, will your face be oily? .. Since I saw that silica is already added to the base, if my face is oily, which one should I add more?.. (Because I have to keep applying sunscreen.. which is very oily) Please give me a link to the substance + % of how to wear it + how to do it.

thank you very much

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Re: Ask about how to add extracts to Absolue Soft Cream Base.

Postby staff » Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:28 am


1. Add to the cream. Then blend until dissolved. (or stir until it melts)

2. Due to its solubility in oil which is just one of the components in the cream base It will be more difficult to do. Dissolving in water like item 1 requires blending for quite some time. A suitable blender must be used. And there is enough force for the ingredients to spread until they dissolve in the oil in the cream base. (Including using a little heat of 50-60 degrees will help it melt more easily.)

3. You can do as in number 1, but it will dissolve more difficult than Panthenol ( Pro Vitamin B5 , DL- Panthenol , Powder).

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