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Ask for ingredients before buying.

Postby wipaka » Wed May 24, 2023 5:07 pm

1. When using Water in Oil , is it necessary to use Satin Cream Maker and Milk Lotion Maker ?
if can be used together How many percent should be used in case of using in sunscreen /
Or how many % to use if used to make general cream that contains electrolyte as an ingredient ?

2. Instructions for using Water in Oil writes that for formulas that are Water in Oil (containing both water and oil, using Water-in-Oil EX™ to coordinate the formula), it is recommended to add 1% Magnesium Sulfate to help increase stability. of the formula Reduce the chance of segregation
Question: If there is another Emulsifier to help coordinate as in Question 1, is it still necessary to add Magnesium Sulfate ?

3. Example of sunscreen formula  SPF Protect Ultra ™ II 15%

1. SPF Protect Ultra II 15%

2. Milk Lotion Maker 3%

3. Satin Cream Maker 0.7%

4. Water 80.3%

5. Mild Preserved Eco 1%

Question: If adding DHHB to the formula, what % should be used?

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Re: Asking for ingredients before buying

Postby staff » Mon May 29, 2023 10:17 am


1. No, because Satin Cream Maker and Milk Lotion Maker are used for oil in water systems.

2. If Water-in-Oil EX is selected, use alone. Enough, yes, you can choose to add Magnesium Sulfate to increase the stability of the emulsion in the Water in Oil system.

3. Check the instructions for using DHHB on the product details page. It must be completely dissolved. Otherwise, it will not be able to act as a sunscreen in the formula.

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