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The basics of mixing cosmetics. Easy to do. Read it in 15 minutes.

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พื้นฐานการผสมเครื่องสำอาง Cosmetic Blending not difficult But it may take time to understand and try to practice mixing. By starting from the simple formula style first. This advice is for newbies. It is intended to be formulated in the skin care cosmetics category only. The basics of mixing are divided into 4 important topics as follows: 1. The selection of ingredients didn't have the best mix. There are only ingredients that are suitable for the recipe. or the user's skin or not, and whether it is used in the form of a suitable formula or not, the user's skin and the formula is important to make the ingredients used It's useful more expensive ingredients It does not always mean that it will be more useful. The most common example is oily skin, but a group of ingredients is chosen. moisturizer expensive type This may not be what you want in oily skin. On the other hand, oily skin needs ingredients that help. ลดความมันผิว recipe with group ingredients ลดความมันผิว will benefit oily skin users. Which is not about the price of the ingredients in any way. Mixture rate Check the usage rate of each ingredient. Which is prescribed by the manufacturer or the FDA and do not use any ingredients at a rate that exceeds the limit. which will be a disadvantage or can be harmful to the skin The combination of ingredients is too large in the recipe. Often makes the formula unusable. or not suitable for use resulting in no use The texture or suitability of the product is important. to cause continuous use therefore, always consider this appropriateness. in the selection of ingredients and the rate of use 2. Mixing equipment and cleanliness cosmetic blending In most cases, only three essential equipment are required: a high-precision weighing scale, a mixer. and heating furnace for the weighing scale If mixed in small quantities (not more than 100g) should use เครื่องชั่งน้ำหนักที่มีความละอียด 2ทศนิยม (or 0.01g resolution) for accurate weighing of ingredients. For blenders, it is recommended to use เครื่องปั่น overhead or Homogenizer for most recipes. But if it is inconvenient to use a blender Many formulations can use only hand to mix the ingredients together without the need for a blender. Required in recipes that require heat to mix. which is only part of the whole formula Many recipes do not require heating at all. and can be easily mixed But if you need to use heat recommended use เตาที่สามารถควบคุมอุณหภูมิได้ดี Use of gas stoves. Or an electric stove that heats too fast or too high is often inappropriate. This will damage the mixture and lose its quality when exposed to excessive heat. Most recipes that require heat Usually use only about 75-80 degrees if you just started mixing cosmetics. It is recommended that the use of heat be avoided in the mixing process. 3. Ingredients Weighing There is only a short guide. is the method of weighing Formula ratio calculation สูตรเครื่องสำอาง is determined by weight For example, Mixture A 95%, Mixture B 5% in the mean case, in the 100% formula it consists of 95% of the ingredients A and the other 5% of the B components to complete 100%. Example Calculation In order to weigh. For mixing, if you want to mix a formula weighing 50g equals, you need to use ingredient A = 50g x 95% = 47.5g and ingredient B = 50g x 5% = 2.5g. IMPORTANT: every time you make a recipe. The formula must always add up to 100% and use weights. To calculate all the ingredients The reason for choosing weights to calculate the ingredients is because the amount of liquid can change with the temperature. and in case the mixture is powder It can be harder and less accurate to measure volumes. 4. สารกันเสีย [/u ] and water used in cosmetic production Because we need to keep makeup for as long as needed. Prevent spoilage caused by the growth of germs in the formula. which, even if the mixing process is clean There is always a chance that germs will escape into the product. which eventually results in germs gradually growing more and more until causing spoilage. therefore it is always necessary to be filled สารกันเสีย into the formula in the past สารกันเสีย used in cosmetics often have serious security issues, often สารกันเสีย are harmful to the skin. or skin irritation but at present สารกันเสีย have been developed to be highly safe. Many types can act to help control germs. by itself is not considered สารกันเสีย (Example: Mild Preserved Eco ) in the selected formulation. สารกันเสีย This feature can be advertised as free. สารกันเสีย because it is not stored. สารกันเสีย according to the FDA's announcement, therefore it is highly recommended. to choose to fill สารกันเสีย is always added to the formula in the water part used in the production of cosmetics Must be cleaner than general water Technically, these waters are called Deionized Water. DI Water is deionized water or แร่ธาตุ are left in the water. This is because if there is แร่ธาตุ , any impurities in water. This is normal for normal water, even if it's filtered. The remaining impurities in those waters may do some reaction with ingredients in cosmetics shorten the life of cosmetic efficacy DI Water is necessary. For use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries (but not usually in the food industry, since ingested water should contain แร่ธาตุ Various remain Which is one of the reasons we don't like to drink. น้ำกลั่น because there is no แร่ธาตุ , on the other hand, we drink. น้ำแร่ instead) DI Water is also caused by the filtration system. It's just a system that is more complicated than a typical drinking water filter. That is, after the popular filtration process is RO (Reverse Osmosis), there must be an additional water treatment process to remove the charge from the water. with the same purity น้ำกลั่น Reason for not being used น้ำกลั่น in cosmetic production because น้ำกลั่น costs more. DI Water because the distillation process will require hot Boil until boiling water turns into steam. This process, although the purest water is obtained. But the cost of production is high. DI Water might seem tricky for a newbie. Start mixing makeup Another possible alternative is to buy น้ำกลั่น ready to mix and buy เครื่องทำน้ำกลั่นขนาดเล็ก to produce น้ำกลั่น for use in custom cosmetic blends. More information: เครื่องผลิตน้ำ DI 5. Creating gels, creams, lotions, serums Skincare cosmetics. The nature of ingredients is divided into only 4 groups: a. ingredients that dissolve in water or ingredients that are in the form of water b. ingredients that dissolve oil or ingredients that are in the form of oil c. ingredients that dissolve in ซิลิโคน or its ingredients ซิลิโคน d. Powder ingredients blending between each group of ingredients Makes a difference in the appearance of cosmetics by cream or lotion or serum is often referred to in cosmetics with ingredients group A and B and / or C together, while gel or essence. is often called In cosmetics containing a specific group of ingredients, A. Although these are just marketing terms, that marketers are constantly coming up with new words In the event that only group A ingredients in the formula are available, the product appearance options are either in the form of a clear liquid (e.g. toner, essence) or a clear gel. Mixing method is easy. This is because all the ingredients in the recipe are ready to be dissolved together. If it's a liquid formula Just mix the ingredients together. or if you want to make a gel can choose to use สารสร้างเนื้อเจล to create a viscous texture to the formula. Examples of products in liquid form and various ingredients are all soluble in water
Ingredient A Ingredient B สารกันเสีย Water Step Mixing episode: Mix all items together. By gradually adding ingredients one at a time. into the water
Examples of products in the form of water gels
Mixing process usually can be done in 2 ways: a. Create a water gel texture by spinning สารสร้างเนื้อเจล in water until get the gel texture Then add the ingredients to the gel. Blend well. b. Add the ingredients to the water. Blend until dissolved, then add สารสร้างเนื้อเจล until gel is formed. Pay attention to the convenience of mixing primarily, which step is more convenient for the mixer. In the event that the mixture contains both groups a. b. c., the possible product formulation is liquid, which is often referred to as a serum. or viscous which may be called lotion or cream, the combination of this group of products It will be a bit more difficult because the ingredients in each group cannot mix by themselves (water and oil do not mix together). and are always separated) characteristics of these formulas therefore must use a binder It's called Lotion Maker, Cream Maker (or technical term it's called. Emulsifier or สารลดแรงตึงผิว ) Example of the structure of the characteristic formula this
Soluble ingredients or that looks like water oil soluble ingredients or that looks like oil Soluble Ingredients ซิลิโคน or with the appearance of ซิลิโคน สารประสานเนื้อ (Lotion Maker, Cream Maker) สารกันเสีย Water
This formulation process It depends on the substance selected in the formulation. which you can try to study the example of how to use that binder You can find it on the substance's detail page, for example Satin Cream Maker used by blending with the water part and then add the oil part and/or ซิลิโคน into the formula, which means that Satin Cream Maker Blended in the formula water before or after adding the soluble group ingredients. when you get along well You can add oil mixture or ซิลิโคน into the formula and blend together by Satin Cream Maker will coordinate the recipe. Examples of skin cream formulas that consist of Aloe Vera Extract + Jojoba Oil
Aloe Vera Extract 3% ( Water soluble ingredients – ให้ความชุ่มชื้นผิว ) Jojoba Oil 5% (oil - skin care) Satin Cream Maker 1% (cream blend) Mild Preserved Eco 1% (served กันเสีย ) 90% water
Mixing process, add Aloe Vera Extract into water, blend or stir, then add Satin Cream Maker Blend or stir until thick and smooth, then add Jojoba Oil Blended or stirred, which will create a creamy texture. then can fill สารกันเสีย Blend or stir. 6. Allergy to cosmetic ingredients Sensitization and irritation It's a different story. but are often caught together It's the same thing. Allergy is a characteristic that the body does not accept such ingredients. This is often manifested by features such as redness, rashes, acne, etc. Allergies are specific to the individual. unpredictable If when asked Will this formula lose? So it's impossible to answer. If there is no previous allergy history information Have you ever been allergic to any ingredient in this formula? before? irritation It doesn't happen as specific as an allergy. but it happens to everyone or at least happened mostly some cosmetic ingredients can irritate the skin But it is widely used. The reason is because of the benefits that the ingredients provide. There is more than a negative effect of irritation. For example, the ingredient whitening Many types can irritate the skin. Exfoliating ingredients like AHA can irritate the skin Ingredients ละลายสิวอุดตัน group BHA can irritate the skin. But because it can benefit the skin. Use at the right rate including proper control of use Therefore, it is more beneficial than punishment. 7. Age of ingredients and formula Age of ingredients and the ready-mixed formulations are divided into 2 parts: a. shelf life of “stability” and efficacy b. age of “sterility” or “control of formulations” or that mixture still effective or has good stability. Usually, the ingredients in the formula will gradually deteriorate in quality little by little in different speeds By oxidation (or oxidation) by active ingredients (or active substances that have any effect on the skin) when its effectiveness decreases. It will not be able to benefit the skin as much as before, while the ingredients in the group perform other functions, such as the viscosity of the formula. It may be characterized by loss of viscosity. Ingredients that act as a water-oil combination of the formula. when performance deteriorates It may be possible to separate the layers of the formula. The age of sterilization refers to the length of time the cosmetic product is free from the growth of germs. If germs grow and form in the product It is often referred to as "spoiled" or spoiled food, which is easily noticeable by the eye. like spoiled food have no relation to each other But overall, it affects the actual age of the formula. because if the efficiency is exhausted but has not yet caused any deterioration Looks like a product that is still worth using in all respects. It is not beneficial to use, while if the ingredients are still effective. But the formula is spoiled. Pathogens form in the formula. It cannot be used safely on the skin. age of stabilizers For example, to measure the stability of a water-oil binder, a machine Centrifuge is used. Centrifuge in centrifugation to accelerate formulation stratification, or to measure the stability of active skin care ingredients. An HPLC is required to measure how much of the active substance is left in the formula. Over a given time, many factors affect the life of this stabilizer, such as light, air, temperature. help speed up or slow down deterioration of this stability according to cosmetic industry standards The life of the finished product It is always set at 2 years from the date of manufacture. Although the number of manufacturers is not not actually tested whether the product will last up to 2 years in all aspects or not, because the FDA in various countries around the world Testing of this nature is not yet compulsory. which may be different from the pharmaceutical industry that has to be tested and determine the real eye age according to the test results (Paragraph below Please distinguish the words ingredient maker and cosmetic manufacturers Because they are different parts), the team frequently asked the question whether the expiration date of the ingredients used to mix cosmetics What effect does it have on The age of the finished makeup in fact The age of the ingredients certainly affects the age of the cosmetic's effectiveness. But due to the tradition of the cosmetic industry is the manufacturer of ingredients. The shelf life of the ingredients is usually determined. according to the quality guarantee period (or guarantee stability) of the ingredients This is not the last day of the effectiveness of the ingredients. (Expired warranty doesn't mean ingredients will lose quality) and there are not many manufacturers. The actual expiration date is not set. But set a retest date (retest date), which means that when such a date, for example, 2 years after the date of first production, must retest at every specified interval, for example, every 1 year, whether the mixture is still in normal condition or not. No, if normal, it can continue to use until the new retest date, so test again. cosmetic manufacturer Therefore, the expiration date of cosmetics made from these ingredients is set independently. It is not based on the expiration date of the ingredients. on the date of manufacture of cosmetics Cosmetic manufacturers will check the ingredients. that it is in normal condition only
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