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Please look at the recipe for the treatment to nourish damaged hair to make it weighty, smooth and straight.

Postby mimewgals mew » Thu Jun 20, 2024 9:52 am

Hello, please inquire. We just wanted to add more ingredients to an existing treatment.

Yo, we'll add it to the loreal ginger treatment in the repairing formula. There is a picture of the ingredients attached to the back of the jar.

There is a method for doing the ratio of treatments. And the additional ingredients are

1. L'Oreal Treatment 100 ml. (prepared in a beaker)

2. BTAC 1 g

3. Comb Force Reducer 1 g

4. Cetyl Alcohol 0.5 g

5. Butter Cream Maker 1.5 g.

6. CTAC 2 ml

7. Micro-bis XL. 1 ml

8. PolyCat 0.5 g

Bring items 2-8 to a boil in a pot at 80-100 degrees. After finishing, leave it until warm enough to pour it into the beaker number 1.

The following is how to slowly pour the ingredients one by one into the beaker that has already mixed items 1-8. There are ingredients as follows:

9. KeraQuat . 2 ml

10. Pure Keratin . 3 ml

11. KeraStraight . 3 ml

12. Hydrolyzed Keratin 2 ml

13. Hair Plex 10 ml

14. Hair-CondXL. 2 ml

15. Hair-condSM. 2 ml

16. Condi B5 . 1.5 ml

17. Clear Cond 4 ml (Usually I use SiliWater but I didn't have it so I used this instead.)

18. Sodium Lactate . 4 ml

19. Sodium PCA . 2 ml

20. Mild Preserved Eco . 1 ml

When everything is mixed together Then add ready-made perfume. Finished packing in a jar

I made this one myself at home. Would you mind giving me advice on what adjustments I need to make? If you have any advice, please let me know. Thank you.

I have another question: Can I use Heat Plex in this recipe as well? Thank you.

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