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Products with nano silver formula

Postby a.preemi123 » Mon Jun 24, 2024 10:47 pm

Ask about formulating shampoo for dogs and cats for Silver Nano Shampoo.

I'm interested in developing a shampoo formula for dogs and cats. Nano Silver Holder

Normally, I understand that shampoo should be mildly alkaline, pH around 8-9, right? Or what range is that? Can you give me some advice?

The ingredient used

1. Deionized Water

2. I want to use a non-ionic surfactant. Will this cleansing value be enough? If I use only Coco Glucoside , 5-25%.

3. PEG-80/Tween 28 5-10%

4. silver nano Colloidal 1-5% (40 ppm)

5. Glycerol 3-5%

6. Phenoxyethanol 0.5-1%

Another formula will be Multi purpose spray silver nano ready to use.

Nano Silver Spray Formula For general disinfection work

1. Deionized Water

2. Hydrogen peroxide 4-6%

3. silver nano colloidal 1-5% (40ppm)

4. Glycerol 3-5%

5. Sodium Bicarbonate for adjust pH

6. Phenoxyethanol 0.5-1%

Please help screen. Or you can suggest improvements to the % with additional ingredients.

thank you very much

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