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The company produces products under your brand and distributes them exclusively to the owner of the recipe, which you can freely re-distribute. You are the copyright owner of the formula and the company cannot use your formula for other uses under the Terms. Verses 1-7 Below, the labels of manufactured products contain the following information so that you have the exclusive right to distribute this formula. You can set the information on the red frame according to the image.

loyalty2 label
label loyalty1

The process of ordering the production of the formula is your copyright and you can only sell it.
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loyalty recipe information

Additional Conditions:
1. The company does not accept external packaging, whereby the packaging used by the company has been selected to be of good quality and suitable for various product formats, for example, products in spray form are packaged in ready-to-use spray bottles.

2. The Company does not accept any raw materials from outside for quality control and cleanliness standards and user safety. If you need ingredients other than those available, choose from. The company has a team to test the effectiveness of the ingredients to determine whether the ingredients can be sold and imported into the production system.

3. The Company guarantees that your copyright formulas will be kept as confidential as possible. However, the Company cannot refuse production from other clients who submit formulas of the same nature or the same composition/ratio to your formula.

4. The Company may need to change the product name you have specified or the formula you have specified to suit the requirements of the Office of the Company. and suitable for production and suitable for use by any of these changes. The Company reserves the right to inform you. The Company’s Formula Development (R&D) department will make any decisions without prior notice to you, and you can check your formula information and product name after changes, according to the formula link you will receive. After submitting the recipe

5. The information on the product label is divided into 2 labels: the label that gives the product name, the element, how to use it, the expiration date, and the label that gives the copyright owner the name. The label contains complete information in accordance with the laws of the Office of the OIC. and the Consumer Protection Agency. If the product owner wishes to make changes to the formula. The text must be retained, at least according to the original label. The text of the original label is not altered, and if any text or images are added to the new label you have created. It must be carried out under the law. And the Consumer Protection Agency, for example, must not exaggerate claims of properties.

6. After submitting the recipe You can inquire about the submitted formula through your formula screen inbox, which is the only way to contact and communicate with the formula development staff. (R&D) the person in charge of your recipes.

7. If your recipes are not serialized Duration exceeds 6 months and the dosage is at least 50g. Your recipe automatically becomes open and open to production.