Oil Film (Long-Wear)

Oil Film (Long-Wear)


The oil film is a polymer that helps coat all kinds of make-ups. And sunscreen Long-lasting, waterproof and no loss of texture make-up when touched (no strokes / kisses).

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The oil film is a polymer that helps to coat all kinds of make-up and sunscreen that is long-lasting, waterproof and does not lose the make-up texture when touched (no strokes / kisses).


Examples of recipes and application of Oil Film (Long-Wear)


Eye-Shadow (Long-lasting)

Silicone Gel (Ultra-Clear) 45%

Silk Mica Powder 26%

Isododecane 16%

Oil Film (Long-Wear) 6%

Beige Iron Oxides EasyMixTM 3%

WhiteMatteTM (Boron Nitride) 3%

Mild Preserved EcoTM 1%


Primer (Long-lasting)

Silicone Gel (Ultra-Clear) 49%

Isododecane 20%

BB Micro Silk 10%

Silk Mica Powder 13%

Oil Film 7%

Beige Iron Oxides EasyMixTM 1.5%

Mild Preserved EcoTM 1%

Titanium Dioxide 200nm EasyDisperse 0.5%


Matte Lip Dip (Matte / Matte)

Isododecane 26%

Microcrystalline Wax 7%

Oil Film 18%

Silk Mica Powder 24%

EasyMix color 25%


Selection of different types of oil-soluble Film / silicone / ester:

Film generators are divided into 5 groups.


1.Silicone Film Group: Hard / Long-Wear / Matte Which is a silicone-based film-forming agent The resulting film is hard but lasts for a long time.

1.1 The powder type is Silicone Film (Trimethylsiloxysilicate Powder)

1.2 liquid soluble in Isododecane is Silicone Film (Long-Wear, Hard, Isododecane Base)

1.3 The liquid type dissolves in Cyclomethicone: Silicone Film (Long-Wear, Hard, Cyclomethicone Base)


2. Silicone Film category, Soft / Long-Wear / Matte Gives a soft film texture that lasts


3. Silicone Film category, Soft / Medium Wear / Matte (soft texture, medium lasting, matte color, quick dry) Provides a soft, natural film texture but does not last as long as the group (1) Suitable for use in makeup products. That the film must be soft to the skin naturally, such as any type of liquid makeup or sunscreen products To be able to be resistant and waterproof and sweat


4. Oil Film Group (Soft / Long-Wear / Gloss, soft, long-lasting, medium dry gloss) gives a long-lasting film texture. And can soften the skin But using high doses creates a sticky consistency on the skin. Suitable for people who want to avoid Do not want to have Silicone in the formula and has the advantage Gives a film texture that is shiny (gloss) not matted (matte)


5. Vinyl Film Group (Soft / Medium Wear / Gloss / Slow Dry) Provide a long-lasting film texture Can soften the skin. And has a special advantage that helps distribute and capture the pigment in the formula This makes it suitable for use in formulas of color cosmetics such as lip gloss and lipstick. Because besides helping to make it last longer, it also helps make the color smoother. The disadvantage is that it cannot be completely dry like other types of film.


6. IPDI Copolymer Group (Soft / Medium Wear / Matte texture, soft, medium lasting, matte color, quick drying) gives a light and non-stiff film texture. It can bend lightly, it is inexpensive and provides medium-lasting performance. Suitable for all-over formulas such as sunscreen, BB / CC creams.

-If you want the formula to last the most and matte, use group (1), if the formula is too dry and too hard, use (2) in combination, adjusting the ratio accordingly. Desired film texture

- If you want the formula to last but is shiny, select group (4).

- If you want the formula to stick to medium But focus on naturalness Of the film texture (soft texture), select (3)

- To create a film with good pigment dispersion, use groups (5).

- Sunscreen formula for waterproof / sweatproof or make-up applied all over the skin (eg BB / CC), select group (6) or (3).


Usage: Can be used in all make-up formulas.

Mixing method: Mixed in the silicone or oil can withstand heat.

Rate of use: 5-20% (choose to use according to the product characteristics And long-lasting time)

Product characteristics: Colorless to light yellow clear viscous liquid

Solubility: Solubility in Isododecane and Isohexadecane and Silicone and LipidSoft.

Storage: Can be stored at room temperature But close the bottle tightly And sealed from direct sunlight or heat, the product is at least 2 years old


INCI Name : A. Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene , Isododecane


Sample product


Christian DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Creme-Gel Makeup SPF 20


Tarte lip gloss / Tarte lipsurgence lip gloss


Nars lip gloss / Nars larger than life lip gloss.

  • MSDS Oil Film (Long-Wear)
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Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 10/2023)

Dosage (Range): 5% - 20%

Research & Development: Japan

Mix Method: Add into oil phase. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 80C

Solubility: Dispersible in oil , Dispersible in silicone

Product Types: Lip , Eye Shadow , Brush-on , Foundation , Concealer

INCI: Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene , Isododecane

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Appearance Clear to slightly hazy - water white to yellowish solution
Odor Charateristic, TMS
Color (Gardner) 0 - 3
Viscosity, cPs @ 25C 7000 - 21000
Loss on Drying, % 19 - 23
Microbiology < 100 cfu/g microbial, yeast/mold and no gram negative
Arsenic (As), ppm 0 - 1
Lead (Pb), ppm 0 - 10
Mercury, ppm 0 - 1
Identification Matches Standard


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