Buchu Mercaptan, FEMA 3177

Buchu Mercaptan, FEMA 3177

ชื่ออื่นๆ: 2-(1-mercapto-1-methyl ethyl)-5-methyl cyclohexan-1-one, 2-(1-mercapto-1-methylethyl)-5-methylcyclohexan-1-one, 2-(2-mercaptopropan-2-yl)-5-methylcyclohexanone, 5-methyl-2-(1-methyl-1-sulfanylethyl)cyclohexan-1-one, 5-methyl-2-(1-methyl-1-sulfanylethyl)cyclohexanone, 5-methyl-2-(2-sulfanylpropan-2-yl)cyclohexan-1-one, 5-methyl-2-(2-sulfanylpropan-2-yl)cyclohexanone, 8-mercapato-p-menthane-3-one, 8-mercapto-3-p-menthanone, 8-mercapto-p-menthan-3-one, 8-mercapto-p-menthane-3-one, 8-mercapto-para-menthan-3-one, 8-mercapto-para-menthane-3-one, 8-mercaptomenthone, 8-thiomenthone, 8-thiomenthone 90% Natural, buchu ketone, buchu ketone (thiomenthone/ p-menthene-8-thiol-3-one) buchu replacer, buchu mercaptan, corps cassis, cyclohexanone, 2-(1-mercapto-1-methylethyl)-5-methyl-, jallione, mangone, mangone 5%, mercapto menthone natural, mercaptoisopropyl-5-methyl cyclohexanone, mercaptoisopropyl-5-methylcyclohexanone, nat p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one (1% in PG), natural para mentha 8 thio 3 one -5% ETOH, p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one, p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one 10% in P.G., p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one natural 1% in propylene glycol, p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one natural 10% in propylene glycol, p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one natural 5% in propylene glycol, p-menthan-8-thiol-3-one, p-menthane-8-thiol-3-one, p-menthon-8-thiol, p-menthone-8-thiol, para-mentha-8-thiol-3-one, pulegone mercaptan, pulegone mercaptan synthetic, ribes mercaptan, ribes mercaptan 1%, thio menthone 1% in ETOH natural, thio menthone 1% in PG natural, thio menthone 5% in ETOH natural, thio menthone natural, thiomenthone, thiomenthone 0.1% in BB, thiomenthone 0.1% in DEP, thiomenthone 0.1% in DPG, thiomenthone natural, thiomenthone pure

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  • Technical

Function: Aroma chemicals do not offer any therapeutic effects on skin or body. The ingredients are being used only for scents or tastes.

Appearance: colorless to yellow brown clear liquid (est)

Strength: high ,recommend smelling in a 1.00 % solution or less



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