Lactobionic Acid

Lactobionic Acid


Pure powder type is Polyhydroxy Acid which is produced from the oxidize of lactose obtained from milk. There are research results confirming the efficacy of various aspects on the skin, namely Anti-Aging, Pigment, Skin Thickness and Firmness.

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Lactobionic Acid Pure powder type is Polyhydroxy Acid which is produced from the oxidize of lactose obtained from milk.


Lactobionic Acid There are research results confirming the efficacy of various aspects on the skin as follows:

1. Anti-Aging (Fine lines, Wrinkle)

2. Whitening (Mottled pigmentation, Clarity)

3. Skin Thickness, Firmness (Pore size, Roughness, Laxity)

(Please see research papers From the attached brochure And the documentation below)


The company sells different types of Hydroxy Acids that can exfoliate the skin. And moisturize the skin as follows

1. Lactic Acid Neutralized It has been adjusted to the proper pH balance so it does not irritate the skin. And moisturize the skin well

2. Special grade Lactic Acid, odor free. ( Liquid, 90% concentration) has a very mild odor.

3. Glycolic Acid (Powder, purity> 99%)

4. Ampho-GlycolicTM (Non-Stinging Glycolic Acid) (Liquid) exfoliating skin gently Reduce irritation from Glycolic Acid.

5. Gluconolactone or PHA   (Powder, purity> 99%)

6. Lactobionic Acid   (Powder, purity> 99%)

7. Mandelic Acid   (Powder, purity> 99%)

8. Capryloyl Salicylic Acid or LHA   (Powder, purity> 99%)

9. LipidSoftTM Lactic (C12-13 Alkyl Lactate) Or Ester of Lactic Acid can dissolve in oil

(Excluding the Salicylic Acid group, which the company has a wide range of distribution Please see more information in the Salicylic Acid range, which are focused on helping to dissolve clogged pimples.)


Usage: For products to reduce wrinkles Exfoliating products

Mixing method: Mix in water

Rate of use: 0.5-5% (recommend the rate of use should not exceed 5% due to the high rate of use Can irritate the skin) ** Warning: Lactobionic Acid With high acidity, use in formulations will result in a low formula pH, which FDA requires the product pH to be higher than 3.5. If a formula has a pH lower than 3.5, pH should be adjusted with a Add a weak alkali or reduce the rate of use. Lactobionic Acid down**    

Product characteristics: White-light yellow powder Can withstand heat up to 80 degrees.

Solubility: Can dissolve in water

Storage: If you want to keep long-term Keep at room temperature Do not expose to sunlight, heat, seal the lid tightly, last at least 24 months.

INCI Name : A. Lactobionic Acid


Examples of products used Lactobionic Acid


CLINIQUE Turnaround Accelerated Renewal Serum

DR. JART Dermaclear micro milk peel

MiSSHA Super Aqua Skin Smooth Peeling Toner

Innisfree derma formula peeling cream.


CLINIQUE Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 12/2023)

Solubility: Water

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Toner , Mask

INCI: Lactobionic Acid

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Appearance White or almost white powder
Solubility Freely soluble in water (10g/100ml)
Back Titration by HCL 96.5 - 103.5 %
Purity (TLC) 97% Minimum
Total Plate Count 100CFU/g Maximum
Yeast & Mold 100CFU/g Maximum
pH 1.0-3.0
Loss on drying 5% Max


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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