Last Fix™

Last Fix™


Fixatives are used in cases where you want to extend the life of the perfume for an extra long time. And have tried other types of Fixative but still not enough results.

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Last Fix™ Fixative is used in cases where you want to extend the life of your perfume for an extra long time. And have tried other types of Fixative but still not enough results.

Last Fix™ does not contain any harmful substances. It also moisturizes the skin, looks like a humectant.

Last Fix™ is ideal for Fix Pheromone applications as it tends to evaporate very quickly and is very difficult to fix odors.


How to use in perfume formulations (10-25%)

Last Fix™ is more difficult to implement than any Fixative, but is clearly better in performance.

Last Fix™ is a clear, semi-opaque liquid, please follow the instructions below carefully. to get full efficiency

1. Heat the Last Fix™ to about 60°C (overheating undamaged) until clear, dissolving, which looks like a yellow or clear liquid.

2. Wait for Last Fix™ to cool a bit when it starts to get a little cloudy. Slowly add Last Fix™ to the fragrance base. that is alcohol Stir or spin at a speed of approximately 300-500 rpm, at least 15 minutes. Check to see that Last Fix™ is completely dissolved in alcohol. If found that there are still suspended in alcohol. Continue to blend until completely dissolved.

3. In the process of adding Last Fix™ to alcohol If the alcohol base Contains perfume. Wait for Last Fix™ to cool slightly. Avoid adding while hot. To prevent perfume molecules or pheromones from deterioration or cause alcohol to heat and evaporate quickly.


Method of use in cream/lotion/gel/soap/shampoo formula (3-5% usage rate)

Mix Last Fix™ with perfume. and blended to match the recipe in the last step please avoid heat If the formula is heated during the mixing process Please wait for the recipe to cool down. and then add it to the formula blend well


The company sells the ingredients used to fix the fragrance (Fragrance Fixative) 5 type

1. Flora Fix™ Suitable for use in any formulation. who want to fix the initial scent, easy to use, does not affect the smell of perfume can withstand high heat It has humectant properties that help nourish and moisturize the skin.

2. Last Fix™ It has a distinctive feature, which is the fixation of the smell at the same time helping to deodorize the body. It is therefore suitable for use in deodorant formulations. It has a more difficult application process. Flora Fix™ does not affect the smell of perfume. not able to withstand high heat

3. Sugar Fix™ Effective odor fixation similar to Last Fix™, easier to use. can withstand high heat But using it in the formula, leave it on the skin. There may be a sticky feeling on the skin. therefore suitable for use in rinse-off formulations (soaps, shampoos).

4. Musk Fix™ Suitable for formulas that have used the same old Musk and found that the smell is too strong which affects the smell of the perfume. Or the performance of fixing the smell is not good enough. Can be used in all cosmetic formulas

5. 12H Fix™ Maiden Suitable for maximizing the performance of odor fixation. Using too high a quantity can cause a coating sensation. It must be heated to be reheated to dissolve into the perfume.


Examples of using Fragrance Fixative in various products:


- Lotion applied to the skin in case the perfume has been used for a long time Flora Fix™ To help the scent last longer while nourishing and moisturizing the skin, in case of insufficient long-lasting fragrance, use 12H Fix™ The rate is 5-20%, depending on the length of the desired scent. Maiden


- Deodorant for armpits use  Last Fix™ can freeze the smell Along with helping to deodorize the body


- Body perfume (EDT) in case of needing the highest odor tension performance 12H Fix™ , requires moderate efficiency to use  Musk Fix™ or Sugar Fix™ Maiden


Use: Can be used with all kinds of perfumes Whether natural (Natural Essential Oils) or chemical (Fragrance Oils)

Mixing method: Mix with perfume to combine. and then add it to the main formula by avoiding high heat Because it will destroy the smell of perfume.

Usage rate:  

10-25% in any fragrance formulation By using it at high doses, the fragrance may become more intense. for body perfume Should not use more than 20%

3-5% for cream / lotion / soap / shampoo formulas should not exceed 5%.

Product characteristics: clear, semi-opaque liquid

Solubility: Can be dissolved in alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol). Please read the detailed instructions above.

Storage: For long term storage Store at room temperature At least 2 years old

INCI Name : Proprietary (can be notified in the formula for submitting the FDA registration as a fragrance)

Storage: 5-15C, Tightly seal. Avoid Heat & Light

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 03/2025)


Product Specification:

Test Specification
Appearance (20C) Liquid / Viscous
Color Cream white / slight yellowish
Odor Nearly odorless, In compliance to standard


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