Polyethylene Wax (Soft, Melting Point 84C)

Polyethylene Wax (Soft, Melting Point 84C)


Features 1. Good coating. but not greasy on the skin 2. Add stability to the formula. 3.Feels soft and dry on the skin 4.Adds a pay-off to lipsticks and any make-up products 5. SPF Booster 6. Provides a good waterproof formula.

Soft type, Melting Point 84C

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Polyethylene Wax (Very Hard, Melting Point 113C) Very hard, Melting point, Suitable for stick products
Polyethylene Wax (Soft, Melting Point 84C) Soft, Melting point 84C, Suitable for cream
Polyethylene Wax (Hard, Melting Point 88C) Hard, Melting point, Suitable for ointment, wax

Soft Polyethylene Wax is a polymer. developed To be useful in a variety of cosmetic formulations.


Polyethylene Wax (Soft) It has a melting point of 81-86 degrees Celsius.


It has a wax-like appearance with the following strengths:

1. Good coating but not greasy on the skin (suitable for cream, lotion formula)

2. Add stability to the formula.   (suitable for cream, lotion formula) Maiden

3.It feels soft and dry on the skin.   (suitable for cream, lotion formula) Maiden

4. Added pay-off in color cosmetics   (Suitable for any type of makeup formula, such as lipstick, helps the color adhere to the skin better. It spreads the color on the skin more easily) Maiden

5. Increase the SPF value of sunscreen formulas. Because it can help spread and coat the sunscreen on the skin well.

6. Gives a good waterproof formula. Suitable for use in sunscreen formulas that require waterproofing or make-up formulas.


Polyethylene can dissolve and create a texture, either in any type of Oil, any type of LipidSoft, Silicone (Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Phenyl-trimethicone). Maiden


Polyethylene is qualified as an SPF-Booster due to its ability to disperse sunscreen and to form a protective film. Polyethylene in sunscreen formulations can therefore help increase SPF/PA.   From the experiment in the lab, the use 2% Polyethylene in sunscreen formulations was found to increase SPF +20%.   in the water-in-oil formulation of sunscreen


Polyethylene has properties that make the formula more waterproof. It is suitable for use in water-in-oil formulations such as water-in-oil sunscreen formulas.   Maiden Polyethylene will help form a film that coats the formula to stay on the skin for a longer time. and is not easily washed off by water


An example of a water-in-oil sunscreen formula that can be waterproof by using Polyethylene Wax.

1. Water-in-Oil EZ 3%

2. SPF Protect Ultra II 15%

3. Polyethylene Wax (Soft) Maiden 2% serves to make the formula more waterproof, increasing the SPF.

4. LipidSoft™ Disperse 2%

5. Mild Preserved Eco 1%

6. The rest of the water


An example of a water-in-oil sunscreen formula with a waterproof foundation using Polyethylene Wax. Maiden

1. Water-in-Oil EZ 3%

2. SPF Protect Ultra II 5%

3. Polyethylene Wax (Soft) 2% Serves to make the formula more waterproof. Maiden , increase the SPF Maiden

4. LipidSoft™ Disperse 5%

5. Silk Mica Powder 20%

6. Beige Iron Oxides EasyMix 1%

7. Titanium Dioxide 200nm EasyDisperse™ 3%

8. Mild Preserved Eco 1%

9. The rest of the water


Mixing process:

Step 1: Mix the various flours, namely 5,6,7 together.
Step 2: Heat to 85°C and mix the oil 1,2,3,4,8 together and bring the water (9) to a similar temperature at about 80-85°C. while spinning Gradually add water to the oil until it is completely creamy. Turn off the heat.
Step 3: While blending the cream To gradually add the prepared powder. into the cream blended together


Use: for makeup products or all kinds of skin creams

Mixing method: mixed with parts of oil use heat to melt by melting at a temperature of 84-86 degrees

Usage rate: 1-30% (according to the desired texture of the product)

Product characteristics: white powder flakes

Solubility: Can be dispersed in oil, LipidSoft, Silicone with a heat range of 84 degrees.

Storage: For long term storage Store at room temperature avoid sunlight

INCI Name : Polyethylene


Examples of products using Polyethylene


SHISEIDO Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream


LANCOME Renergie Lift Multi-Action Eye Cream


CLINIQUE Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20


LANEIGE Lip Primer


Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 36Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 04/2025)

Dosage (Range): 1% - 30%

Research & Development: USA

Mix Method: Add into oil phase. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Heat Tolerant

Stable in pH range: 2 - 10

Solubility: Dispersible in oil , Dispersible in silicone


Product Specification:

Test Specification
Color Saybolt 5-25
Melting Point (F) 179-187
Melting Point (C) 81.7-86.1
Viscosity Brookfield at 300F (CPS) 2-6
Needle Penetration at 77F/25C (DMM) 4-12
Odor Pass
Visual Inspection Pass
Particle Size (Dry Sieve)% 10Mesh 1.0 Maximum


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