Ethyl Alcohol (99.9% , 200 Proof, Perfumer Grade)

Ethyl Alcohol (99.9% , 200 Proof, Perfumer Grade)


Alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) Denatured type   Grade 200 Proof, high purity 99.75-99.99%, used for cosmetics especially. Due to its special low odor

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Expiration: 01/2025 (Lot: 9T007A)

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Alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) Denatured type   Grade 200 Proof, high purity 99.75-99.99%, used for cosmetics especially. Due to its special low odor


Company selling Alcohol 2 grades

1. 95% pure grade Used in general work Has a pungent smell according to typical alcohol characteristics.

2. 99% pure grade Used in perfume products That does not want the pungent smell of alcohol


In case of using in skin cosmetics And want lightness Without irritating the skin and not making the skin dry like Ethyl Alcohol. Please use Dimethicone 1Sec represent


Usage: Can be mixed in almost all kinds of cosmetics. It acts as a solvent for certain ingredients that must be dissolved in alcohol.

Rate of use: 1-100% depending on the amount of substance to be solved

Product characteristics: Clear liquid

Solubility: Can dissolve in water And can be mixed with oil

Storage: Can be stored at room temperature But close the bottle tightly And protected from direct sunlight or heat. The product is at least 3 years old. It can be easily flammable.

INCI Name : A. Alcohol or Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol


Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 36Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 01/2025)

Dosage (Range): 0.1% - 100%

Research & Development: UK

Mix Method: Add into water phase. Avoid temperature above 60C.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 60C

Solubility: Dispersible in water , Dispersible in oil

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Toner , Mask , Scrub , Cleanser , Hair Styling , Lip , Eye Shadow , Brush-on , Foundation , Primer , Concealer

INCI: Alcohol

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Content NLT 99.5% V/V @15.56C & 20C
Appearance Colourless, clear, volatile, flammable liquid, hygroscopic
Solubility Miscible with water & Methylene Chloride. It burns with a blue, smokeless flame
Boiling point About 78C
Identification A : Relative Density 0.790 - 0.793 @20C
Identification B : Infrared Absorption Neat IR spectrum
Acidity or alkalinity The solution is pink (NMT 30 ppm, expressed as acetic acid | NMT 1.0 mL 0.01 M NaOH)
Absorbance (5 cm Cell) 1 NMT 0.40 @240 nm
Absorbance (5 cm Cell) 2 NMT 0.30 between 250 - 260 nm
Absorbance (5 cm Cell) 3 NMT 0.10 between 270 - 340 nm
Absorbance (5 cm Cell) 4 Spectrum shows steadily descending curve with no peaks or shoulders
Volatile / Organic impurities 1 Methanol : NMT 200 ppm
Volatile / Organic impurities 2 Acetaldehyde and Acetal : NMT 10 ppm, as Acetaldehyde
Volatile / Organic impurities 3 Benzene: NMT 2 ppm
Volatile / Organic impurities 4 Total of other impurities : NMT 300 ppm
Volatile / Organic impurities 5 Disregard limit : NMT 9 ppm
Residue on Evaporation / Nonvolatile residue NMT 25 ppm M/V
Strength NLT 99.9% V/V @15.56C & 20C


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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