Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid (Gloss)

Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid (Gloss)


titanium dioxide Protects against both UVA/UVB, lightweight, does not contain oil. Does not clog pores high security There are small particles of size 15 nanometers, so it does not make the skin white.

Liquid type 15nm Liquid does not whiten but gives shine (Gloss) suitable for use in outdoor formulas

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Titanium Dioxide Titanium Dioxide Type 15nm Liquid Protects against both UVA/UVB, lightweight, does not contain oil. Does not clog pores high security does not make the skin white Maiden


type 15nm Liquid™ is a liquid Titanium Dioxide that has been specially processed to provide 15 Nano Meter Titanium Dioxide powder can be completely dispersed in all cases. So you can create sunscreen products with ease.


Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid is the easiest type of Titanium Dioxide (Sunscreen Grade) to mix. Can be added to cream recipes and people to match It has a highly effective sunscreen formula that is light on the skin. Developed for use in water-in-oil emulsion systems (not recommended for use in oil-in-water emulsions) with good adhesion to the coating. It is waterproof and provides a higher SPF than the oil-in-water formula. Maiden And it can also be matched with make-up, BB, CC formulas.


Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid contains active Titanium Dioxide (15nm) equal to 35.5% (34-37%)


Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid can be combined with formulations containing Avobenzone Yes, because it is the type that is not coated with Alumina. therefore there is no problem with the stability of Avobenzone


Example of sunscreen formula with Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid Maiden (water-in-oil cream) Maiden

1.Water 64%

2. Cyclomethicone 10%

3.Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid 25%

4. Mild Preserved Eco 1%

Maiden Maiden Procedure: Mix 2+3 together at 70 degrees to dissolve. Then, while blending, gradually add 1 to the recipe, then add 4.

Maiden SPF result: 51.06, PA++ (Please see SPF measurement requirements and measurement standards below.) Maiden


Requirements and standards for measuring SPF according to the results of the two formulations.

1. Use the SPF-290AS Analyzer.

2. Measured according to the US FDA standard Scenario.

3. Measure wavelength range 290-400nm

4. Membrane used to apply the cream: Transpore

5. The amount of use of sunscreen formula 2 microliters/square meter

6. Number of scans / wave shots 6 times

7. Steps of firing waves, 2nm/step increments


If you want to adjust the formula to be more viscous, use any type of wax. For example: Soft Wax or Polyethylene Wax , or use Hectorite Gel (Cyclomethicone Base) or use Hectorite Gel (Isododecane Base) depending on the desired surface Maiden



-Protects against both short-wave UVA / short-to-long-wave UVB

-Particles of titanium dioxide, size 15 nano meter, which is the smallest This allows the best dispersion in any formulation.

-is Physical Sun Screen which is safer Chemical Sun Screen Maiden Maiden


should be used with Zinc Oxide 35nm Liquid in order to be able to protect the sun in a wider range (broad-spectrum) Complete coverage of both UVA/UVB wavelengths

The company sells 7 types of Titanium Dioxide:

Types of sun protection (Can block UVB light well without white)

1. Titanium Dioxide 15nm Liquid (Liquid, dispersed in water/oil) Particle size 15nm, white minimum. Suitable for use in sunscreen formulations. That want to not cause whiteness when applied on the skin, easy to use because it is in a liquid form, immediately integrated into the formula.

2. Translucent Titanium Dioxide (Powder coated with silicone, dispersed in oil/silicone) Particle size smaller than 30nm through special coating. to make it waterproof have a translucent appearance But it is also good UV protection when used in sunscreen formulations. does not cause any whiteness on the skin therefore can be used at a high rate

group for concealment or white in make-up products (in order of concealment and whiteness)

1. Titanium Dioxide Super-Coverage Pigment (powder, uncoated, dispersible in water) large particles White and maximum coverage

2. Titanium Dioxide 200nm EasyDisperse™ (powder, silicone coated, dispersed in oil/silicone)medium white Suitable for make-up formulas that require both effective sun protection. and white coating and focus on sticking to the skin well Maiden Maiden

3. Titanium Dioxide 200nm SilkTouch™ (powder, silicone coating, dispersible in oil/silicone) medium white Suitable for make-up formulas that require both effective sun protection. and white coating and focus on soft and smooth skin

4. Titanium Dioxide Eco Disperse™ (powder coated aluminum hydroxide, dispersed in water) Medium white Medium coverage Soft to the touch Affordable price

5. Titanium Dioxide Pigment (powder, uncoated, dispersed in water) white, less white, less concealment, natural Help adjust the skin color or the color of the formula naturally whitens


Advantages of Physical Sunscreen: Less chance of clogging pores Chemical Sun Screen Maiden and is more secure Chemical Sun Screen Maiden Because there are no ingredients that can penetrate into the skin. Physical Sun Screen Serves just to cover the skin to prevent UVA/UVB from directly hitting the skin.


Cons of Physical Sunscreen: Because it is a powder that acts to cover the skin so that UVA/UVB light can not easily fall on the skin. therefore often make the skin more shiny or whiter when used by the small particle size (nano particle) helps reduce this white / shiny, but still fight Chemical Sun Screen Maiden No, that doesn't cause luster/shininess.


Difference between Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide: both ingredients It acts as a protection against UV light in different wavelengths. Titanium Dioxide can block both short wave UVA and long wavelength UVA, while Zinc Oxide offers good protection against long wave UVA. in the formula of sunscreen Therefore, both ingredients should be used. Because it can completely cover all UVA/UVB wavelengths.



The company provides a free SPF measurement service in case of use. PMMA Booster In the formula to help Boost SPF/PA


Usage rate: 5-50% (use as needed It is recommended to use in conjunction with Zinc Oxide 35nm Liquid , According to the FDA law, do not use more than 70%, which equals 25% active Titanium Dioxide)

nature: white liquid

Mixing: can be mixed with the oil or the silicone part in the formula, heat to 70 degrees and stir immediately. Or add it to the finished formula such as gel, cream, heat to 70 degrees and stir immediately.

*Cannot be used in formulations containing electrolyte because the product is dispersed/emulsified in an emulsifier that is not electrolyte resistant*

Storage: Store at room temperature Avoid sunlight. Shelf life is 2 years.


INCI: Titanium dioxide (and) Cyclomethicone (and) PEG-10 Dimethicone (and) Triethoxycaprylylsilane



Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 06/2024)

Dosage (Range): 5% - 50%

Recommended Dosage: 25%

Mix Method: Add into oil phase. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 80C

Solubility: Dispersible in water , Dispersible in oil , Dispersible in cream or gel base , Dispersible in silicone

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Lip , Foundation , Primer

INCI: Cyclomethicone , Titanium dioxide , PEG-10 Dimethicone , Triethoxycaprylylsilane

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Appearance White slurry
TiO2 content 34-37%
Powder content 43-45%
Mean Primary Particle Size (width, length) 20nm, 100nm
Lead Less than 10ppm
Arsenic Less than 1ppm
Mercury Less than 1ppm
Microbial content Less than 100cfu/g, no gram negatives


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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