FD&C Blue No.1 Lake (Brilliant Blue)

FD&C Blue No.1 Lake (Brilliant Blue)


Organic Lake Pigment Organic Blue (organic pigment) is suitable for use in make-up such as lipstick, nail polish, face powder.

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Brilliant Blue Lake or FD&C Lake 1 or Brilliant Blue FCF is an organic pigment suitable for use in makeup such as lipstick, nail polish, and face powder.


The definition of the term "Organic" in color does not mean "Organic" in the marketing sense, it refers to the plants grown under free from any chemicals, but means "Organic Chemistry". Please read more about "Organic Chemistry" here. If you want a powder that comes from nature Must select products in category Natural pigments only


FDA regulations prescribe as follows
Allowed to use on nails, face, lipstick
It is not allowed to use around the eyes such as eye shadow.


The type of color used in cosmetics At the distribution company

1. Water soluble paint Used in water-based recipes Which can be dissolved in water directly until clear Suitable for use in color enhancement For the cosmetic formula texture But didn't want the color to stick on the skin as a make-up

2. Oil soluble paint Used in oil-based formulations Which can be dissolved in oil directly until clear   Suitable for use in color enhancement For the cosmetic formula texture But didn't want the color to stick on the skin as a make-up

3. Color dispersed in the formula ( Ordinary type , Liquid type , Easy dispersion powder type ) Used in viscous formulations By allowing the color powder to be distributed in the formula without precipitation Suitable for makeup formulas. Who want to decorate the color on the skin

4. Color changeable Please check how to use. And the condition of the color change Of color change color each item, because the color change color, each type has different condition of the color change.


Usage:   For makeup products such as Lip Stick, Nail Lacquer, Lip Gloss, Mineral Makeup.

Mixing method: Mix in the oil.

Rate of use: 0.1-3% depending on the desired color intensity

Product characteristics: Blue powder

Solubility: can Spread In oil

Storage: If you want to keep long-term Keep at room temperature Avoid the sun Be at least 5 years old

Made from USA


INCI Name : CI42090

  • MSDS FD&C Blue No.1 Lake
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Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 60Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 05/2026)

Dosage (Range): 0.1% - 3%

Research & Development: USA

Mix Method: Disperse in formulation. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 80C

Solubility: Dispersible in oil , Dispersible in cream or gel base , Dispersible in powder

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Mask , Scrub , Bar Soap (pH >7) , Bar Soap (pH <7) , Lip , Eye Shadow , Brush-on , Foundation , Concealer

INCI: CI42090

Product Specification:

Test Specification
% Insolubles 0.00-0.20
% Pure Color 28.0-33.0
Aerobic Plate Count cfu/g 0-999
Arsenic <3ppm
Gram Negative Bacteria Test Not Detected
Lead <10ppm
Mercury <1ppm
Yeast & Mold total count cfu/g 0-99


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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