Urea (High Purity, Cosmetics, Powder)

Urea (High Purity, Cosmetics, Powder)


Urea is extracted from protein. moisturizing the skin Help replace urea under the skin. Which is responsible for balancing moisture under the skin.


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Urea is extracted from protein. ultra high purity > 99%  Moisturizes the skin very well. Help replace the urea under the skin. Which is responsible for balancing moisture under the skinSuitable for dry, dehydrated skin. (keratolytic) if used in amounts greater than 5%


It is recommended to use in conjunction with Sodium PCA and Sodium Lactate for maximum hydration efficiency Because all 3 substances are important components in Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), which occurs naturally under the skin.  


as it retains moisture The powder has a very high hygroscopicity. Must be stored in a dry place, always tightly closed.


Instructions for using Urea in recipes:

1. Because Urea has long-term disintegration characteristics. And disintegrate more quickly in conditions that are hotter than 35 degrees, when dissolving, will cause the pH of the formula to become more alkaline (pH increases over time), which if there is no control or stabilization, may cause a high pH. up to level 11 when left in a hot place For more than 3 months, urea stabilization is necessary. For products that require a shelf-life of more than 3 months and cannot be stored below 30 degrees.


2. Stabilize Urea technique to use Gluconolactone in an amount of about 15% of Urea, for example, if using Urea at 10% in the formula, it should be used Gluconolactone  at 1.5% to help control the pH of the formulation by optimizing the pH in the range of 4-5.5 (if there are other acids in the formulation That helps to adjust the pH to be suitable. It's not necessary. Gluconolactone add more)


3. Urea will make the formula smell. It can reduce odor and Stabilize by using Triacetin To help stabilize Urea in the formula, using at a rate of about 1 (Triacetin) : 10 (Urea) by Triacetin will help control the pH not to rise, making Urea more stable for a long time.


Use: for skin care products Provides moisture to dry skin

How to mix: Mix in water (water-phase) can withstand heat. 60 degrees for a short time, must stabilize as well Gluconolactone Please see details above

Utilization rate: 3-20% for moisturizing (Use according to the desired performance If very dry skin can use 5%) 10-20% for exfoliating and moisturizing.

Product characteristics: White-light yellow powder, crystal appearance, pH about 7.2, slight odor.

Solubility: can dissolve in water

Storage: For long-term storage store at room temperature Do not expose to sunlight, humidity, heat, tightly seal the lid, avoid moisture absolutely.


INCI Name : Urea



Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 03/2025)

Dosage (Range): 3% - 20%

Recommended Dosage: 5%

Mix Method: Add into water phase. Avoid temperature above 60C.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 60C

Stable in pH range: 4 - 7

Solubility: Water

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Toner , Mask , Scrub , Liquid Soap , Bar Soap (pH <7)

INCI: Urea

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Content 99.0-100.5%
Chloride 0.007% Max
Sulfate 0.01% Max
Insoluble matter in ethanol 0.04% Max
Burning residue 0.1% Max
Heavy Metals (Pb) 2ppm Max
Melting Point 132.0 degree - 135.0 degree
Appearance White crystal or white powder


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