Bacillus Coagulans (100 billion/g) (Freeze-dried)

Bacillus Coagulans (100 billion/g) (Freeze-dried)


Probiotic Bacillus Coagulans, freeze-dry, estimated at a minimum of 100 billion/g.

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Expiration: 06/2024 (Lot: 7M5G98)

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Bacillus Coagulans (100 billion/g) (Freeze-dried) Can withstand high temperature for long time. Most stable type of probiotic. Suitable for heat-required formulation such as gummie.
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Bacillus Coagulans (100 billion/g)


Probiotic Bacillus Coagulans, freeze-dry, estimated at a minimum of 100 billion/g.

Special grade with good heat resistance, acidity resistance down to pH 3.0


Research has shown that it can help treat these symptoms.


1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
small study A reliable source of people with IBS looked at the effects of B. coagulans for IBS symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. All three symptoms were significantly improved in participants receiving a synbiotic with B. coagulans compared. with placebo


2. Rheumatoid arthritis
A small, authoritative study analyzed the anti-inflammatory abilities of B. coagulans in a group of 45 men and women with rheumatoid arthritis. Participants received probiotics in addition to standard medications for two months.

compared to the placebo group. Participants who took B. coagulans reported less disability. They are also better able to perform daily activities such as long walks. The participants also found decreased C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation.


3. Constipation
A Japanese study analyzed participants' bowel movements and stool properties for two weeks. These participants were more likely to be constipated on their own. Participants received B. coagulans lilac-01, a proprietary strain containing soybean powder or a placebo, only okra powder. Those who received B. coagulans showed improved bowel function. They also reported fewer incomplete immigration events.


4. Intestinal gas
A small, authoritative study of 61 participants examined a proprietary strain of B. coagulans for symptoms associated with intestinal gas after meals compared to a placebo. Symptoms included bloating, indigestion, and abdominal pain. Taking probiotics, there was a noticeable improvement in pain. They also had a significant increase in flatulence compared to the placebo group.


5. Respiratory Infections
small study A trusted source of 10 men and women studied the effects of a patented strain of B. coagulans on the immune system. Participants who received probiotics showed increased production of T cells in response to influenza A and adenovirus exposure. These cells fought off various diseases.


Storage: Freeze or store at lowest possible temperature

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 06/2024)

Dosage (per day): 50mg - 100mg

Recommended Dosage (per day): 100mg


  • NOT contain Milk
  • NOT contain Egg
  • NOT contain Fish
  • NOT contain Peanut
  • NOT contain Wheat
  • NOT contain Soy
  • NOT contain Gluten

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Color Off-white to light yellow
Aspect Powder to granular, no caking
Odor With the unique smell
Impurities No visible foreign body
Viable Cell (CFU/g) 1.0 x 10^11 Min
Spores Count (CFU/g) 1.0 x 10^11 Min
Coliforms (CFU/g) 10 Max
Mold (CFU/g) 50 Max
Moisture (g/100g) 5.0 Max
Water Activity 0.12 Max


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