Lactic Acid (AHA) 90% Deodorized (ปราศจากกลิ่น)

Lactic Acid (AHA) 90% Deodorized (ปราศจากกลิ่น)


AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Lactic acid is a natural acid extracted by fermentation or curing of dairy foods. Has the ability to accelerate skin cell turnover (peeling)

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Lactic acid (Lactic) or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) type L (+) Lactic Acid 90% concentration is a natural acid extracted by fermentation or curing of dairy foods. Has the effect of accelerating skin cell turnover (peeling) by exfoliating the skin to help make the skin smooth and soft. and have more of the same tone (even-tone)


The company sells 2 types of Lactic Acid:

1. Lactic Acid 90% special type through the process of reducing odor. It does not have a sour smell of lactic acid. Suitable for use in formulas that do not require a disturbing smell.

2. Lactic Acid 90% Normal type with normal sour smell. of lactic acid suitable for use in general products


Lactic acid that the company sells this kind. is a special grade Processed to be free from the natural odor of Lactic Acid (which has a sour smell) resulting in a very mild scent. and suitable for use in all forms of cosmetic products because there is no disturbing smell

Lactic acid can be used at a concentration of not more than 10% and a product pH of at least 3.5 if a higher concentration is used. Must be under the supervision of a dermatologist. Avoid all kinds of sunlight during use. Also consider using sunscreen (sun block / sun protection) because using AHA will make the skin thinner. and the skin will be more sensitive to light


The company sells different types of Hydroxy Acids that can exfoliate the skin. and moisturize the skin as follows:

1. Lactic Acid Neutralized Through balancing to the right pH value, so it does not irritate the skin. and moisturize the skin well Maiden

2. Lactic Acid, special grade, odorless ( liquid, 90% concentration) with a very mild odor.

3. Glycolic Acid (Powder, Purity >99%)

4. Ampho-Glycolic™ (Non-Stinging Glycolic Acid) (Liquid) Gently exfoliates the skin. Reduce irritation from Glycolic Acid

5. Gluconolactone or PHA   (Powder, Purity >99%) Maiden

6. Lactobionic Acid   (Powder, Purity >99%) Maiden

7. Mandelic Acid   (Powder, Purity >99%) Maiden

8. Capryloyl Salicylic Acid or LHA   (Powder, Purity >99%) Maiden Maiden

9. LipidSoft™ Lactic (C12-13 Alkyl Lactate) or ester of Lactic Acid can be dissolved in oil. Maiden

(Excluding the Salicylic Acid group, which the company sells in a variety of Please see more information on the Salicylic Acid range, which focuses on its use to dissolve acne breakouts.)


Lactic acid can be used as a pH-lowering agent.


FDA Requirements for AHA:

for consumers Can be used not more than 10% and the product pH is not lower than 3.5

For doctors, it can be used up to 30% and the product pH is not lower than 3.0. Maiden


Proper pH Levels: AHA formulas should have a pH less than 4.0 (best at pH 2.5, best and pass FDA requirements at pH 3.5) to be fully effective. AHA will drop considerably.


Increasing the ceramide level of the skin from each type of Lactic Acid.



Lactic acid is sold as L(+) Lactic, which is the most effective in increasing ceramides in the skin.


Use: For skin peeling or skin care products that want to soften the skin.

Mixing method: Mix it in water (water-phase), the formula should have a pH not higher than 4.0.

Usage rate: 1-10%, do not exceed 10%

Product characteristics: clear, viscous liquid

Solubility: Soluble in water, alcohol and glycerin.

Storage: can be stored at room temperature But close the lid of the bottle tightly. and protected from sunlight or heat, the product is at least 5 years old


INCI Name : Lactic Acid (Type L(+)-Lactic Acid) 90%, Aqua 10%


Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 60Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 07/2026)

Dosage (Range): 1% - 10%

Mix Method: Add into water phase. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 80C


Product Specification:

Test Specification
Assay 89.5-90.5%
Colour APHA 20 Max
Stereochemical Purity (L-isomer) 99% Min
Colour after heating APHA 20 Max
Odour Agreeable
Positive for lactate Passes test JSFA
Sulphated ash LA 0.01% Max
Chloride 10ppm Max
Sulphate 10ppm Max
Arsenic 1ppm Max
Heavy metals 5ppm Max
Iron 5ppm Max
Lead 0.5ppm Max
Mercury 1ppm Max
Cyanide (JSFA) Passes test JSFA
Citric, oxalic, phosphoric, tartaric Passes test JSFA
Sugars / reducing substances Passes test JSFA
Readily carbonizable substances Passes test JSFA
Ethertest Passes test JSFA
Volatile fatty acids Passes test JSFA
Isovaleric acid 10ppm Max
Butyric acid 10ppm Max
Acetic acid 200ppm Max
Acetaldehyde 50ppm Max
Methanol 50ppm Max
Form Syrupy liquid
Calcium 10ppm Max
Density 20C g/ml 1.200-1.220


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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