Extraction with biotechnology (biotechnology) with algae extract and pullulan, which can tighten the skin in a short time.

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Lift-Now ™ extracts from biotechnology. (biotechnology) with algae extract and pullulan, which can tighten the skin in a short time.


It was found that using Lift-Now ™ at a concentration of 1-3% over a period of 1 hour was able to reduce wrinkles by 74% by measuring both deep and wide angle wrinkles with PRIMOS.



Photos taken by PRIMOS machine can see the difference of both deep and wide wrinkles after a period of 30 minutes - 1 hour.


Lift-Now ™ is only temporary. During the time on the skin. But gives immediate results Unlike wrinkle-reducing peptides such as Matrixyl 3000, Pep-Coll (Syn-Coll), which have long-lasting effects. But it took several weeks to see results Therefore should be used together For both short and long term results


Lift-Now ™ is ideal for use in day time products. Or products made before work Since it only works during the application period, when it is rinsed off, the surface tension will disappear. Therefore there is no benefit in using it in products applied during sleep.


Lift-Now ™ has usage restrictions. Due to the nature of creating a thin film Serves to freeze the skin May affect the lasting of the make-up in the event that make-ups are applied after the use of products containing the Lift-NowTM


The company sells 2 types of active ingredients that instantly tighten the skin.

1. FlashTenserTM It has outstanding performance in tightening the skin. In the case of very high doses, make-ups may be more difficult to stick to the skin.

2. Lift-NowTM Has a distinctive feature of being natural Can make makeup smooth as usual, making the make-up stick to the skin well.


Usage: Can be used with all kinds of wrinkle reduction products. It only gives temporary results

Mixing method: Mixed with water

Rate of use: 1-10%, recommended 5% (depending on desired efficiency If used in too much quantity Will feel discomfort on the skin From the tension of the skin)

Product characteristics: Liquid - light yellow Have a thick viscosity A little turbid

Solubility: Can dissolve in water

Storage: If you want to keep long-term Keep in the refrigerator Be at least 2 years old


INCI Name : Water, Pullulan, Algae Extract

Preserved by Phenonip 1%, Sodium Benzoate 0.15%, Potassium Sorbate 0.075%.

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Storage: 5-15C, Tightly seal. Avoid Heat & Light

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 11/2023)

Dosage (Range): 1% - 10%

Recommended Dosage: 5%

Mix Method: Add into water phase. Avoid temperature above 60C.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 60C

Solubility: Dispersible in water

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Toner

INCI: Water , Pullulan , Algae Extract

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Appearance Light yellow, opalescent to turbid, viscous liquid
pH 4-6
Relative density d20/20 1.050-1.150
Residue on drying 19.0-23.0% m/m
Total aerobic plate count 100CFU/g Max
Specified microorganisms Not detected in 1 gram


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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