BB Micro Silk™

BB Micro Silk™


White Micro Silk BB cream, size not more than 12 microns, processed into a spherical shape. To be able to hide wrinkles on the face And pores more perfectly than conventional BB powders such as Silica, and gives a silk-like smoothness.

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BB cream ingredients   Micro Silk type, white, size up to 12 microns, processed into a spherical shape. To be able to hide wrinkles on the face And pores more perfectly than conventional BB powders such as Silica, and gives a silk-like smoothness. Does not cause the skin to flatten.


Compared to texturizer powders used in other BB creams, BB Micro Silk. TM Provides a softer, smoother texture and is easier to spread in the product. As small as 12 microns.


Characteristic shape of BB Micro Silk TM Which are small, average 12 microns and spherical


It has the advantage of masking wrinkles on the skin. Because it will go down to the coating on the wrinkles of the skin Makes the skin look smooth.


From the experiment it was found that Can be coated on the skin for smooth skin very well.



An example of a silicone base formulation:

Cyclomethicone 30%

Dimethicone 20%

Silicone Gel Base 40%

BB Micro Silk TM 10%


An example of a cream base blend recipe:

Emulsifier such as Light Cream Maker + Any type of Oil (for example fractionated coconut oil ) 13.0 %

Silicone, such as Cyclomethicone 12.0 %

Water + ingredients dissolved in water 65.0 %

BB Micro Silk TM 10.0%


Can be instantly blended in any creamy texture. By sprinkling the powder on the cream in the desired proportion And blended to distribute the powder of BB Micro Silk evenly


An example of a formula for blending in foundation or loose powder:

Silk Talc Powder or Mica Powder 75%

BB Micro Silk TM 10%

Other ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide ( Micronized) or Zinc Oxide ( Micronized ) 15%


Compare skin and feel the strengths and purpose of each skin sensing powder:

MatteSilicaTM Slippery, dry, rough, moderate oil absorption. Suitable for adjusting the formula to be slippery. Reduce the gooey

MatteSilica XLTM Slippery, dry, rough Absorbs high sebum Suitable for adjusting the formula to be slippery. Reduce the gooey Help absorb oil skin.

MatteSilica STM Slippery, dry, soft, moderate oil absorbency. Suitable for adjusting the formula to be slippery. Reduce the gooey

BB Micro SilkTM Soft cream-like, moderate oil absorbency Helps to create a soft-focus (soft-focus), concealing wrinkles, suitable for softening the formula, light, conceal wrinkles.

PowderCreamTM Dry, absorb oil and water Suitable for adjusting the cream texture to have a powdery texture.

AminoSilkTM Soft and natural, ideal for smoothing any formula to have a good texture

SiliSilkTM Soft and smooth   Suitable for fine-grained texture of any formula

RiceSorbTM Dry, rough, natural, economical, moderate oil absorption. Great for reducing the stickiness of the formula.

Nylon-12 Soft cream Absorbs moderate oiliness, adheres well, gives a creamy feel. Suitable for use in formulas that require additional pay-off (surface finish) of formulas such as lipstick.

Polymethylsilsesquioxane Soft and smooth, moderate oil absorbency. Soft light very well. Suitable for formulas that need soft-focus to hide wrinkles.

WhiteMatteTM (Boron Nitride) Rough, absorbs a little oil. Gives a good whiteness, softens the light well, suitable for formulas that need both whiteness (covering and brightening) and Soft-focus to hide wrinkles

SelectSorbTM Soft and smooth, absorbs a lot of oil. By focusing on absorbing only sebum from the skin Suitable for oily skin formulas. Help absorb oil during the day. Without the same dry / rough appearance as MatteSilica group


Choose according to the strengths of each powder:

Emphasize the smoothness. Select MatteSilicaTM , MatteSilica XLTM (Absorbs a lot of oil) and / or MatteSilica STM (Reduce the roughness of the nature of the Silica surface)

Focus on absorbing oiliness of the skin especially. And gives a soft and smooth Good texture selection SelectSorbTM

Highlight matte / soft-focus select Polymethylsilsesquioxane If you want more sebum-absorbing performance (but reduced soft-focus performance), select. BB Micro SilkTM If you want to cover the skin as well, select. WhiteMatteTM (Boron Nitride)

Focus on naturalness, choose AminoSilkTM (Soft) or RiceSorbTM (unrefined)

Emphasizes the pay-off formula for better sticking to the skin. (Such as lip products) to feel the cream texture Nylon-12


Usage: For products that fade wrinkles (BB Cream, Concealer)

Mixing method: Mix in the oil. Or mix in powder (Loose powder, Foundation powder) by stirring to spread.

Rate of use: 3-10% recommend 6-7% depending on the amount of wrinkles you want to cover.

Product characteristics: White powder, light weight, fine particles, soft and smooth.

Solubility: Can be dispersed in any formula

Storage: If you want to keep long-term Keep at room temperature Be at least 4 years old


INCI Name : A. HDI / Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer (and) Silica


Examples of products using BB Micro Silk TM


DHC Velvet Skin Coat


  • MSDS BB Micro Silk™
  • Certificate of Analysis/Specification Sheet will be sent to your mailbox after the order is packed.


Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 48Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 02/2024)

Dosage (Range): 3% - 10%

Recommended Dosage: 6%

Research & Development: Japan

Mix Method: Add into oil phase. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Heat Tolerant

INCI: HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer , Silica

Product Specification:

Test Specification
- -
Appearance White to Pale Yellow Powder
Average Particle Size 12.0-18.0 Micron
Loss on Drying 3.0% max


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All ingredients are for manufacturing purpose. Do not use them directly. Finished product must be registered with FDA before selling to endusers

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