Sorbitol Solution 70%

Sorbitol Solution 70%


Sorbitol Solution 70%

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Expiration: 06/2027 (Lot: JKHX7E)

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Sorbitol Solution 70%


Cosmetic grade


Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 60Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 06/2027)

Solubility: Water

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Toner , Mask , Scrub , Liquid Soap , Bar Soap (pH >7) , Bar Soap (pH <7) , Shampoo , Conditioner , Cleanser

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Description Clear, colorless, syrupy liquid, odorless
Identification To comply
Refractive Index 1.4564-1.4607
Specific Gravity 1.2950-1.3057
Dissolved Solids 69.0%-71.0%
pH (10% w/v solution) 5.0-7.0
Reducing sugar NMT 0.2%
Total sugar 4.5-9.5%
Conductivity NMT 10.0us/cm
Water Content 28.5-31.5%
Tendency of Crystallization Low
Assay D-sorbitol 72.0-92.0%
Chloride NMT 50ppm
Sulphate NMT 100ppm
Residue on ignition NMT 0.1%
Arsenic NMT 1.0ppm
Heavy Metals NMT 5.0ppm
Nickel NMT 1.0ppm


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