Alpha Arbutin (Switzerland)


Alpha Arbutin Biosynthetic synthesis acts to brighten the skin. And the same tone (even-tone) suitable for all skin types Safe, no side effects like hydroquinone. (Hydroquinone) is more effective. But not widely used because the price is much higher than hydroquinone

* Can irritate the skin *

This product Produced by the company DSM / Switzerland

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Deoxyarbutin (D-Arbutin) High performance whitening but will irritate skin at high concentration
Alpha Arbutin (China, Crystal Form) Non-irritating, economic choice, crystalline powder
Alpha Arbutin (Switzerland) Non-irritating, best quality control, fine powder

Alpha Arbutin It is biosynthetic synthetic, water soluble. (water-soluble) acts to brighten the skin. And the same tone (even-tone) suitable for all skin types Safe, no side effects like hydroquinone. (Hydroquinone) is more effective. But not widely used because the price is much higher than the substance Hydroquinone by Alpha-Arbutin Can reduce the production of melanin pigment on the skin cells. By reducing the enzyme Tyrosinase, which acts to convert Tyrosine and Dopa into melanin.


This product Produced by the company DSM / Switzerland


The formula should be used. ActiveProtecTM OX At 0.6% to help prevent discoloration of the formula


The company sells 3 types of Alpha Arbutin.

1. Alpha Arbutin, Switzerland grade (Made by DSM, Switzerland who invented Alpha Arbutin)

2. Alpha Arbutin Grade China (Enzymatic Synthesis type, with a process similar to that of Switzerland manufacturer)

3. Alpha Arbutin, Crystal Grade (Looks like a crystalline powder For confirmation that it is genuine Alpha Arbutin, not Beta Arbutin, which is ineffective. And the price is much lower)


Usage: For whitening products to brighten the skin In the form of gel, serum, lotion or cream (recommended to be used continuously for at least 8 weeks, results will vary from person to person)

Mixing method: Final mix The temperature of the cosmetics must be below 30 ° C Have a pH between 3.5-6.5. Do not mix in formulations with a pH higher than 8 because Alpha Arbutin will break down into hydroquinone. Which is a dangerous substance

Rate of use: 0.2-2% (Recommended 2% for whitening to brighten skin, do not use more than 2.00% Please read the description here. )

Product characteristics: Pure white powder

Solubility: Can dissolve in water

Storage: If you want to keep long-term Keep in the refrigerator Do not expose to sunlight, moisture, seal the lid tightly, last at least 30 months.


INCI Name : Alpha-arbutin


From research, comparing the efficiency of Alpha-Arbutin and other whitening substances were found to be Alpha-Arbutin. Most effective (Please see the brochure for further research details)



Alpha-Arbutin It is almost 10 times more effective than Beta-Arbutin in brightening the skin, making it the safest and most effective whitening substance available today.



Examples of products used:

DHC Eye Treatment Essence Peptides

DHC Alpha-Arbutin White Mask

Hadalabo-Arbutin Whitening Lotion



Storage: 5-15C, Tightly seal. Avoid Heat & Light

Shelf Life: 36Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 07/2025)

Dosage (Range): 0.2% - 2%

Recommended Dosage: 2%

Research & Development: Switzerland

Mix Method: Add at last step. Avoid temperature above 40C.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 40C

Stable in pH range: 3.5 - 6.5

Solubility: Water

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Toner , Mask

INCI: Alpha-arbutin

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Appearance (Visual) White to off-white powder
Arbutin Content 97% Minimum
Loss on drying 2% Maximum
Identity by IR lt exhibits maxima at the wavenumbers of about
Specific rotation +174 to +186
Heavy Metals 10ppm Maximum
Lead 1ppm Maximum
Arsenic 1ppm Maximum
Cadmium 0.5ppm Maximum
Antimony 2ppm Maximum
Nickel 2ppm Maximum
Mercury 0.1ppm Maximum
Total aerobic mesophile plate count 100CFU/g Maximum
Specific microorganisms Not detectable in one gram


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