Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) (4500mPa.s)

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) (4500mPa.s)


HEC creates a gel texture. Without the effect of electrolyte, it is suitable for forming gels in formulations with special electrolyte characteristics. to help create bubbles In skin cleansing formulas such as shampoo or liquid soap, it is commonly used to create a gel texture in shampoo or liquid soap.

Provides a viscosity of 3,400-5000 mPa s (cPs) at 1% in water.

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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) creates a non-ionic gel without the effects of electrolyte, suitable for gel formation in electrolyte-containing formulations.


Please use it to create a gel texture in cleaning formulas (shampo, liquid soap). HPMC Because it can help add bubbles too.



-Provides a viscosity of 3,400-5000 mPa s (cPs) at 1% in water.

- Melts and gels at about 70 degrees, and dissolves fastest when the liquid pH is in the range 3-7 (if the pH is higher, it can still be dissolved. but it takes longer)

-Can be used in acidic formulations down to pH 3 and alkaline up to pH 9.

- no smell


How to use:

Heat the water to 70°C, stir the water and slowly sprinkle the HEC powder into the hot water and continue stirring until it is completely dissolved. will get a gel texture / or / Stir to disperse in cold water. Then heat to 70 degrees while spinning continuously. when it comes to heat 70 degrees and then turn off the heat Continue spinning until cool.


The company sells various types of non-ionic gels as follows:

1. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC, USA) It is a gel-like substance that gives a beautiful gel texture that is easy to use.

2. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC, China) It is an inexpensive gel-forming agent. Able to thicken

3. Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC, USA)   It is a gel-like substance that gives a beautiful gel texture that is easy to use. medium thick


Use: for all kinds of products to increase the viscosity increase gel (thickening)

Mixing method: Mix in water (water-phase) requiring heat at 70 degrees and stir continuously. until the gel is formed

Usage rate: 0.5-3% (depending on the desired viscosity)

Product characteristics: white powder

Solubility: Can be dissolved in warm water (70 degrees).

Storage: For long term storage Store at room temperaturedo not expose to sunlight and avoid moisture


INCI Name : Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC)


Storage: Store under room temperature. Avoid Heat & Light.

Shelf Life: 24Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 04/2024)

Dosage (Range): 0.5% - 5%

Research & Development: USA

Mix Method: Add into water phase. Heat tolerant.

Heat Resistance: Avoid heat above 80C

Stable in pH range: 3 - 9

Solubility: Water

Product Types: Cream , Lotion , Clear Gel , Mask , Scrub , Liquid Soap , Shampoo , Conditioner , Cleanser , Hair Styling

INCI: Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

Product Specification:

Test Specification
Moisture (as packed) 5.0% Max
Sulphated Ash 6.0% Max
pH Value (1.0%) 5.5-8.0
Particle Size <0.180mm (80mesh) 85.0 Min
Viscosity Brookf. LV - 25C - 1.0% 3800-5000


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